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70*70mm high temperature lab ceramic laboratory assay crucible with spout

The crucible typically has a spout to allow for easy pouring of the molten metal once the assay is complete. This spout helps to ensure that the metal is poured accurately and safely into a mold or container for further processing.

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Lab analysis fire clay crucible with spout


A fire assay crucible with a spout is a specialized ceramic used in the process of analyzing minerals

for their precious metal content, such as gold or silver.  These crucibles are designed to withstand high

temperatures necessary for the melting and extraction of precious metals through a process known as fire assay.


Fire assay crucibles with spouts come in various sizes to accommodate different sample sizes and are carefully

crafted to ensure durability and accuracy in the assay process.  They are an essential tool for metallurgists, miners,

and precious metal refiners who rely on accurate analysis of mineral samples to determine the value of their ore deposits.

Material: High-grade refractory material
Dimensions: 70*70*50mm,90*90*65mm
Operating Temperature: 1350c



High-Quality Material: The crucible is made from high-grade refractory material, ensuring maximum 

durability and resistance to high temperatures.
Precise Measurement: The spout allows for precise pouring and collection of molten samples, ensuring 

accurate analysis.

Easy to Use: The spout's ergonomic design facilitates smooth and controlled pouring, reducing the risk 

of spills or accidents.
Durable Construction: The crucible's wall thickness is optimized for durability and heat retention, ensuring 

consistent results.

Versatile Application: Suitable for a wide range of metals and materials, the crucible can 

be used in various fire assay procedures.


The Fire Assay Crucible with Spout is widely used in metallurgical labs, mining industries,

 jewelry manufacturing, and other fields where precise measurement of metal purity is crucial.

Packaging and Storage:

The crucible comes securely packaged in a protective box to ensure it reaches you in 

perfect condition. For long-term storage, it should be kept in a dry, well-ventilated area, 

away from direct sunlight and moisture.


We offer a [Insert warranty period here] warranty on our Fire Assay Crucible with Spout. 

Any manufacturing defects will be addressed promptly and replaced, free of charge.

Buy with Confidence:

With its superior quality, innovative design, and wide range of applications, the Fire Assay 

Crucible with Spout is your trusted partner in precision metal analysis. Order yours today 

and take your metallurgical testing to the next level!














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