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XTL sintyron 99.99% pbn pyrolytic boron nitride mbe crucible for vgf

pyrolytic boron nitride crucibles are essential components in MBE systems, enabling precise control over the deposition process and ensuring the production of high-quality thin films and semiconductor devices. Their combination of high purity, chemical inertness, and thermal stability make them an ideal choice for use in MBE processes.

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99.999% pbn pyrolytic boron nitride vgf crucible

Product Overview:

Pyrolytic boron nitride (PBN) is a type of high purity ceramic material that is commonly used in molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) processes. MBE is a technique used in the manufacturing of thin films and semiconductor devices. In this process, materials are deposited one atomic or molecular layer at a time, allowing for precise control over the composition and structure of the film being grown.

One critical component in the MBE process is the crucible, which is used to hold the source material that will be evaporated and deposited onto the substrate. Crucibles made from pyrolytic boron nitride are ideal for this application due to their high purity, chemical inertness, and thermal stability.

The high purity of PBN crucibles ensures that there is minimal contamination of the deposited film, which is essential for achieving high-quality, defect-free films. Additionally, PBN crucibles are chemically inert, meaning they will not react with the source material or the deposited film, further ensuring the purity of the final product.

Furthermore, PBN crucibles have excellent thermal stability, allowing them to withstand the high temperatures required for the evaporation of many source materials used in MBE processes. This thermal stability also helps to ensure consistent deposition rates and film quality throughout the growth process.


Performance For Industrial Ceramic




Apparent Density



Gas permeability(He)



Micro hardness(Knoop)


691.88(a-b plane)

Tensile strength



Bending strength




Modulus of elasticity



Specific heat capacity


0.371(@ 200℃)

0.442(@ 900℃)

Thermal conductivity 200℃




Thermal conductivity 900℃




Dielectric Strength(RT)



Volume Resistivity




Main features:

1. Can make large size crucible (maximum diameter of 8 inches, maximum height of 18 inches);

2. Purity &gt; 99.99%

3. Many times of use (with excellent interlayer structure).

Product application:

In situ synthesis of GaAs, InP and other semiconductor single crystals

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