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XTL sintyron 99% alumina ceramic spacer sealing washer gasket ring with hole

99% alumina ceramic spacer sealing washer is a reliable and high-performance component that offers excellent thermal stability, corrosion resistance, and sealing properties. Its superior quality and durability make it a cost-effective solution for industrial applications where reliability and performance are paramount.

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XTL sintyron alumina ceramic spacer sealing washer gasket ring with hole

The 99% alumina ceramic gasket ring is designed to provide a reliable seal in demanding environments, such as those found in industrial and aerospace applications. Its superior thermal properties make it capable of withstanding extreme temperatures without compromising its integrity, ensuring a tight and leak-free seal for extended periods of time.

The 99% alumina ceramic gasket ring is a high-quality, durable sealing component made from premium alumina ceramic material. With a purity level of 99%, this gasket ring offers exceptional strength and heat resistance, making it ideal for high-temperature applications where traditional gaskets may fail. 

In addition to its impressive thermal resistance, the 99% alumina ceramic gasket ring also boasts excellent chemical resistance, making it suitable for use in corrosive environments where other materials may degrade. Its high hardness and wear resistance further enhance its durability, ensuring long-lasting performance in even the most challenging conditions.

The precision machining of the 99% alumina ceramic gasket ring ensures a tight fit and reliable sealing capability, making it a preferred choice for critical applications where performance and reliability are paramount. Its smooth surface finish prevents leakage and minimizes friction, resulting in a highly efficient and effective sealing solution.

Physical characteristics:

Test item   alumina
index unit AL997 AL99 AL95
Principal component content N/A 99.70% 99% 95%
Color N/A ivory white ivory yellow White
Gas permeability N/A airtight airtight airtight
density g/cm3 3.9 3.8 3.7
hardness Moh's hardness 9 9 8.8
Water Absorption N/A ≤0.2 ≤0.2 ≤0.2
Bending strength (20°C) Mpa 375 340 304
Compressive Strength (20°C) Mpa 2300 2210 1910
Coefficient of thermal expansion (25°C to 800° C) 10X6/° C 7.6 7.6 7.6
Insulation strength (5mm thickness) AC-kv/mm 10 10 10
Dielectric loss 25°C lMHz N/A v0.0001 0.0006 0.0004
dielectric constant 25°C MHz N/A 9.8 9.5 9.2
Volume resistivity (20°C) (300°C) (500 °C) Ω.cm3 >1014 >1014 >1014
2X1012 4X10" 2X10"
Long-term service temperature 1700 1600 1400
Thermal conductivity (25° C) W/m/K 35 34 20

Alumina Ceramic ring Information:

Product alumina ceramic ring
Material alumina
Purity 99%
Color light yellow
Shape Round
Density 3.5g/cm3

Feature of alumina ceramics:

1) High temperature resistance: alumina ceramic sealing ring can show excellent stability in high temperature environment, can withstand high temperature and thermal cycle, and is not easy to deformation and rupture.
2) Corrosion resistance: Due to its good chemical stability and inert surface, alumina ceramic sealing rings can resist corrosion and oxidation, so that it can maintain stable performance in a variety of corrosive media.
3) High hardness: alumina ceramic sealing ring has high hardness, maintain stable shape and sealing performance under vibration and high pressure environment, and has good wear resistance.
4) Insulation: alumina ceramic sealing ring is an excellent insulating material, which can maintain good insulation performance under high pressure environment and effectively isolate the conduction of electric and thermal fields.
5) Low coefficient of thermal expansion: The thermal expansion coefficient of alumina ceramic sealing ring is low to adapt to the thermal expansion and contraction under high temperature conditions, reducing the stress and damage caused by temperature changes.

Advantages of alumina ceramics:

1.Dimensional and thermal stability, high performance characteristics, hydrolysis resistance, self-lubrication, extended service life, reduced downtime and cost, low moisture content, noise reduction

Application of alumina ceramic ring:
Alumina ceramic sealing rings are widely used, and the following is the introduction of its main application scenarios:
1) Aerospace field: In aerospace equipment, alumina ceramic sealing rings can be used for sealing and insulation in engines and gas turbines, which can withstand high temperature and high pressure environments to ensure the normal operation of equipment.
2) Chemical field: alumina ceramic sealing ring can be used in chemical equipment for the sealing of high-temperature reaction vessels and pipelines, effectively isolating the leakage of harmful gases and liquids, and ensuring process safety and environmental protection.
3) Power field: In power equipment, alumina ceramic sealing rings are often used for the insulation and sealing of generator sets and transformers to improve the safety and stability of equipment and extend the service life.
4) Petrochemical field: alumina ceramic sealing ring can be used for the sealing of oil refining units and chemical reactors, which can withstand the erosion of high temperature and corrosive media to ensure the normal operation of equipment and product quality.


In Stock Thermal Analysis High Purity Alumina Ceramic Crucible

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In Stock Thermal Analysis High Purity Alumina Ceramic Crucible


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