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XTL sintyron high reflectivity alumina ceramic laser cavity reflector

the ceramic laser cavity reflector plays a critical role in the operation of a laser system by reflecting and amplifying the laser light to produce a high-quality laser beam. Proper installation and maintenance of the reflector are essential for maximizing the performance and efficiency of the laser system.

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XTL sintyron high reflectivity alumina ceramic laser cavity reflector

Product description:

Material Introduction:

√ High Voltage Insulator

√ High Purity, Max. 99.8%

√ Various Available Grades

√ Hard and Wear Resistant

√ High Corrosion Resistance

√ High Mechanical Strength

√ Good Thermal Conductivity

√ High Operating Temperature

√ Most Favorable Fine Ceramic

Specification :

97.8% reflectance effciency at 1064nm Reflectance effciency exceeds 96%across the wavelength range 500-2500nm;
Good thermal conductivity;
Electrical stability at all operating temperatures;
Highly cost effective alternative to metalcoated reflectors;
Standard white glaze and UV wavelengthcut-off yellow glaze.
Composition AL95 AL99


White Ivory

Density (g/cm3 )



Thermal conductivity (W/m. K)


32 Kpsi

Thermal Expansion (x10-6 /)

8 8.2

Dielectric Constant (at 1MHZ)

9.5 9.8

Loss Tangent (x10-4 at 1MHZ)

3 2

Volume Resistivity (ohm-m)



Flexural Strength (N/mm2 )



A ceramic laser cavity reflector is a component used in laser systems to reflect and amplify the light

produced by the laser. The reflector is typically made of a high-quality ceramic material that has a

high reflectivity in order to efficiently bounce the laser light back and forth within the cavity.


To use a ceramic laser cavity reflector, it must be carefully installed within the laser cavity in a precise

position to maximize the reflection of the laser light. This is typically done by mounting the reflector

onto a holder or mount that can be adjusted to position the reflector at the optimal angle for reflection.


Once the reflector is properly installed, the laser system can be powered on and the laser light will be

directed into the cavity. The reflector will then bounce the light back and forth between the cavity mirrors,

amplifying and concentrating the light into a coherent beam.


It is important to regularly inspect and clean the ceramic laser cavity reflector to ensure that it remains

in optimal condition for efficient reflection of the laser light. Any dirt or debris on the reflector surface

can disrupt the reflection and reduce the performance of the laser system.


Pumping chambers for flash lamp, Nd: YAG lasers, alexendrite laser, diode pumped lasers. Cosmetic surgery intense pulse light (IPL).


Company Information:

In Stock Thermal Analysis High Purity Alumina Ceramic Crucible

In Stock Thermal Analysis High Purity Alumina Ceramic Crucible


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* Professional manufacturer since 1997.
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* Yes,we offer OEM and ODM service. Just send us your drawing if you have it. If you don’t

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