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Aln aluminum nitride ceramic round disc substrate for semiconductor

Among the existing ceramic materials that can be used as substrate materials, silicon nitride ceramics have the highest bending strength, good wear resistance, the best comprehensive mechanical properties, and the smallest coefficient of thermal expansion. Aluminum nitride ceramics have high thermal conductivity, good thermal impact resistance, and good mechanical properties at high temperature. It can be said that from the point of view of performance, aluminum nitride and silicon nitride are the most suitable materials for electronic packaging substrate

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Aln aluminum nitride ceramic round disc substrate for semiconductor




Aluminum Nitride (AlN) Substrates

When heat must be dissipated quickly and reliably in order to protect the valuable components. This is where XTL Aluminum Nitride Substrate set the benchmark. With outstanding insulating properties and extremely high thermal conductivity.

Aluminum Nitride Substrate Advantages
• Very high thermal conductivity (> 180 W/mK)
• Low thermal expansion 4 to 6×10-6K-1 (between 20 and 1000°C) similar to Si, GaN,
and GaAs semiconductors
• High dielectric strength

In-House Advanced Machining Processes
XTLprovides all the advanced services you need to
shorten lead times and improve component quality.
Processes including:
• Laser machining • Polishing
• Lapping • Laser etching • Metalization capacity

Standard & custom substrate available
Standard squares: 25.4, 50.8, 57.1, 63.5, 76.2, 101.6, 114.3, 121.9 mm 
Standard rounds: 100, 150 mm 
Thicknesses available: 0.2 – 3.556 mm 

Aluminim Nitride (AlN) material properties:

Physical Color - Grey
Water absorption % 0
Reflectivity % 30*
Electrical Dielectric Constant (1MHz) - 8~10
Dielectric Loss *10^-4  3
Dielectric strength MV/m or KV/mm  >17
Insulation/Volume resistance Ω·cm  >10^14
      Mechanical  Density after sintering (Bulk density)  g/cm3  3.26
 Flexural Strength (3 point)  Mpa  ~380
 Hardness    9.3
 Elasticity (Young's Modulus)  GPa  302
 Surface Roughness  μm  0.3~0.6
 Camber  Lenght%  ≤2
   Thermal  Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE)  ppm/°C  2~3
 Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) RT~500 °C  ppm/°C  2.5~3.5
 Thermal Conductivity (25°C)  W/m K  170



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