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Customized high heat resistant alumina ceramic bushing tube rod manufacturers From China | XTL

high heat resistant alumina ceramic bushing manufacturers

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Product Introduction


Ceramic bushing is a ceramic connector for industry parts. Bushing can be welding, adhesive, inset with the metals use for the industry parts. Due to Ceramic bushing produced by technical ceramic with excellently a alumina ceramic bushing,zirconia bushing,siliconia bushing.


In the moving parts, because of long-term friction caused by the wear of parts, when the shaft and hole clearance wear to a certain extent must be replaced parts, so the designer in the design of the lower hardness, better wear resistance material for the shaft sleeve or bushing, so as to reduce the wear of the shaft and seat.

Alumina Tubes as a standard ceramic product. Alumina can take temperatures up to 1650°C, having extremely high temperature stability, chemical corrosion resistance, and high wear and abrasion resistance.

We offer an enhanced range of 99% alumina tubes.

Open and closed ends

Wide variety of sizes, cut to custom lengths

Stock items dispatched within 24 hours

Same day shipping available with express fee

Custom length tubes dispatched within 48 hours


Performance For Industrial Ceramic

 Item Unit Steatite Ceramic 95Al2O3 99Al2O3 99.7Al2O3


Physical Characteristics

Bulk density g/cm3 2.7 3.6 3.8 3.9
Water absorption % 0 0 0 0




Mechanical Characteristics

Flexural strength Mpa 145 320 340 350
Hardness Vickers Gpa 5.7 12.2 13.5 14
Elastic modulus Gpa 120 280 320 320
Poisson’s ratio - 0.21 0.22 0.23 0.23


Thermal Characteristics

Linear expansion coefficient (20-500 C) 10-6/ C 7.9 7.1 7.2 7.2
Thermal conductivity w/(m.k) 2.5 16 24 28
Specific Heat *10-3J/(kg*K) 0.75 0.78 0.78  


Electrical Characteristics

Dielectric constant(1MHZ) - 6.2 9 9.4 9.7
Dielectric loss angle *10-4 18 15 5 0.0001
Dielectric strength *106V/m 18 12 15 8.7

Application :

Widely used in lamps and lanterns, electronic appliances, blast nozzle, auto parts, wear-resistant parts of insulating material, etc


We can do OEM and OBM according to your drawing and requires


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Why us?

* Professional manufacturer since 1997.
* Strict quality control on production process and tolerance.
* Free samples available
* Customized production based on your drawing or specification
* On-time delivery and reliable support and service
* Inventory available for quick shipment

* We keep confidentiality of all the drawings and business information between us.


2 Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

* We are a manufaturer. 


3 Can you provide the free samples?

* Yes,we can offer free sample if we have it in stock,but the courier fee is to be collected.


4 Do you accept customized production based our specification?

* Yes,we offer OEM and ODM service. Just send us your drawing if you have it. If you don’t have a drawing, just tell us your idea, we will work out the drawing for you.


5 What's the delivery time?

* 7 working days for standard products 30 days for customized product.




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