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High strength polished zirconia ceramic substrate

Zirconia ceramics In structural ceramics, zirconia ceramics have high toughness, high bending strength and high wear resistance, excellent heat insulation The thermal expansion coefficient is close to that of steel, so it is widely used in the field of structural ceramics.

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Precision cutting and machining zirconia ceramic substrate

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Item zirconia unit symbol
Bulk Density 5.80 g/cm3
Flexural Strength 1000 MPa≥
Max Use Temperature 1100 °C≥
Volume Resistivity --  Ω·cm 20°C


Product Features

 1) Material: 100% zirconia
 2) Processed by machine after firing
 3) Good  wearable and strength

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Why us?
* Professional manufacturer since 1997.
* Strict quality control on production process and tolerance.
* Free samples available
* Customized production based on your drawing or specification
* On-time delivery and reliable support and service
* Inventory available for quick shipment
* We keep confidentiality of all the drawings and business information between us.
Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
* We are a manufaturer. 
Can you provide the free samples?
* Yes,we can offer free sample if we have it in stock,but the courier fee is to be collected.
Do you accept customized production based our specification?
* Yes,we offer OEM and ODM service. Just send us your drawing if you have it. If you don’t have a drawing, just tell us your idea, we will work out the drawing for you.

What's the delivery time?
* 7 working days for standard products 30 days for customized products. 
What is the MOQ?
* No limit to the quantity. We can offer the best proposal and solutions according to your condition.
What is the payment terms you accept?
* T/T,LC,Western Union,moneygram are acceptable.
How to deal with the faulty?
* Firstly, Our product are produced in strict quality control system and the defective rate will be less than 2%.
If there are problems with the product, we will provide free replacement.

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