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XTL Sintyron 99.7% hexagonal boron nitride pbn bushing ceramic ring

Boron nitride ceramic rings are a type of ceramic component made from boron nitride material. Boron nitride is a high-performance ceramic with excellent thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, and chemical inertness. These ceramic rings are commonly used in high-temperature and high-vacuum environments where traditional metal or plastic components may not be suitable. Boron nitride ceramic rings are often used as seals, bearings, insulators, or protective coatings in various industrial applications such as semiconductor manufacturing, aerospace, and automotive industries. Due to their exceptional properties, boron nitride ceramic rings are highly valued for their durability, reliability, and performance in extreme conditions.

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XTL Sintyron 99.7% hexagonal boron nitride pbn bushing ceramic ring

Hexagonal boron nitride ceramic bushing ring is a high-performance ceramic component commonly used in high-temperature and high-pressure applications due to its excellent thermal and chemical resistance properties. It has a unique hexagonal structure that provides exceptional strength and durability, making it ideal for use in demanding industrial environments. The bushing ring is designed to provide a precise and reliable fit, ensuring smooth and efficient operation of machinery and equipment. With a length of 200 characters, this ceramic bushing ring is a versatile and essential component for various industries, including aerospace, automotive, and semiconductor manufacturing.

technical parameters
Test item   Hot pressed boron nitride
index unit HBN
Principal component content 99.50%
Gas permeability airtight
density g/cm3 2.1
hardness Moh's hardness 2
Water Absorption 0
Bending strength (20°C) Mpa 30
Compressive Strength (20°C) Mpa 58
Coefficient of thermal expansion (25°C to 800° C) 10X6/° C 1.5
Insulation strength (5mm thickness)  AC-kv/mm 10
Dielectric loss 25°C lMHz  0.00025
dielectric constant 25°C MHz  4
Volume resistivity (20°C) (300°C) (500 °C) Ω.cm3 106-10-14
Long-term service temperature airborne900
inert gases2200
Thermal conductivity (25° C) W/m/K 30

Boron nitride ceramic bush sleeve of feature:Excellent thermal shock resistance
1.High resistivity - excludes aerosols, paints and ZSBN
2.low density
3.High thermal conductivity
4.Anisotropy (thermal conductivity of different planes is different relative to the pressing direction)
6.Good chemical inertness
7.High temperature resistant materials
9.High dielectric breakdown strength, >40 KV/mm
10.Low dielectric constant, k=4
11.Excellent machinability

Boron nitride ceramic bush sleeve of application:

1. Automotive industry: Boron nitride ceramic sealing rings can be used in high temperature, high pressure and corrosive environments of automobile engines to improve sealing performance and reduce energy loss.

2. Aerospace industry: In the aerospace field, boron nitride ceramic sealing rings can be used in high-temperature, high-pressure and corrosion-resistant environments such as turbine components, jet engines and aviation instruments.

3. Chemical industry: Boron nitride ceramic sealing rings can be used in chemical equipment, pipeline connections and pump valve seals, providing good corrosion resistance and long life.

4. Vacuum technology: Boron nitride ceramic sealing rings can be used in sealing devices of vacuum equipment because they have good sealing performance and high temperature stability.

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