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XTL Sintyron Multi Sizes Zirconia Ceramic Plunger Rod For Pumps

zirconia ceramic plungers offer a durable and high-performance solution for high-pressure pump applications. Their exceptional wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and hardness properties make them an ideal choice for pumps that operate in demanding environments. With their long service life, reduced maintenance requirements, and improved efficiency, zirconia ceramic plungers can help to increase the reliability and performance of pump systems in a wide range of industries.

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XTL Sintyron Multi Sizes Zirconia Ceramic Plunger Rod For Pumps

Zirconia ceramic plungers are widely used in a variety of high-pressure pump applications

due to their excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and high hardness properties.

Zirconia ceramic plungers offer many advantages over traditional metal plungers, including

longer service life, reduced maintenance requirements, and improved efficiency.

One of the key benefits of zirconia ceramic plungers is their exceptional wear resistance.

Zirconia ceramics are extremely hard and can withstand the high pressures and abrasive

materials typically encountered in pump applications without showing signs of wear. This

results in a longer service life for the plungers and reduced downtime for maintenance

and replacement.

In addition to their wear resistance, zirconia ceramic plungers also offer excellent corrosion

resistance. Zirconia ceramics are inert to most chemicals and can withstand exposure to

corrosive fluids without deteriorating or degrading. This makes zirconia ceramic plungers

ideal for use in pumps that handle aggressive or caustic materials.

Another advantage of zirconia ceramic plungers is their high hardness. Zirconia ceramics

are harder than steel, making them highly resistant to scratching and scoring. This ensures

that the plunger maintains its smooth surface finish over time, which is important for

maintaining pump efficiency and performance.

Zirconia ceramic plungers are also lightweight, which can help to reduce the overall weight

of the pump system and improve energy efficiency. Additionally, zirconia ceramic plungers

can be manufactured to precise tolerances, ensuring a tight fit within the pump housing for

optimal performance.


Y-FSZ Ceramic Properties
Chemical content ZrO2 86 wt%
Y2O3 14 wt%
Physical Properties Melting point ≥2500℃
Max. operating temperature 2200℃
Color White
Density 5.8g/cm3
Mechanical properties Flexural strength 200MPa
Young’s module 200GPa
Hardness(HRA) 86
Thermal properties Thermal expansion coefficient(20℃) 8-10X10-6
Thermal conductivity 1-2W/mk
Electrical properties Dielectric constant(1MHz25℃) 12
Electrical resistivity(25℃) 109





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