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XTL Sintyron high precision Zirconia ceramic disc for medical

Zirconia ceramic discs are a versatile and high-performance material that is well-suited for use in a range of medical applications. Their biocompatibility, strength, durability, and aesthetic qualities make them an excellent choice for medical implants, devices, and restorations. With their many benefits, zirconia ceramic discs are sure to continue to play an important role in the field of medical technology for years to come.

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XTL Sintyron high precision Zirconia ceramic disc for medical

Zirconia ceramic discs are a type of advanced ceramic material that is commonly used in

the medical field. These discs are made from a high-purity form of zirconia, which is a white

crystalline oxide of the metal zirconium. Zirconia ceramic discs have a range of properties

that make them ideal for use in medical applications, including their biocompatibility,

strength, and durability.

One of the key advantages of zirconia ceramic discs is their biocompatibility. This means

that they are non-toxic and do not cause any harm to living tissues. This makes them an

ideal material for use in medical implants and devices, as they are well tolerated by the

human body. Zirconia ceramic discs are often used in dental implants, joint replacements,

and other medical devices where biocompatibility is essential.

In addition to their biocompatibility, zirconia ceramic discs are also extremely strong and

durable. They have a high fracture toughness and can withstand a lot of wear and tear,

making them ideal for use in medical devices that need to withstand high levels of stress.

Zirconia ceramic discs are also resistant to corrosion, making them a long-lasting material

that can be used in medical applications for many years.

Zirconia ceramic discs are also highly aesthetic, with a natural white color that closely resembles

that of natural teeth. This makes them an ideal material for use in dental restorations, such as

crowns and bridges, where appearance is important. Zirconia ceramic discs can be custom-made

to match the color and shape of a patient's natural teeth, providing a seamless and natural-looking


resistant, can be more susceptible to attack by certain corrosive substances.

Y-FSZ Ceramic Properties
Chemical content ZrO2 86 wt%
Y2O3 14 wt%
Physical Properties Melting point ≥2500℃
Max. operating temperature 2200℃
Color White
Density 5.8g/cm3
Mechanical properties Flexural strength 200MPa
Young’s module 200GPa
Hardness(HRA) 86
Thermal properties Thermal expansion coefficient(20℃) 8-10X10-6
Thermal conductivity 1-2W/mk
Electrical properties Dielectric constant(1MHz25℃) 12
Electrical resistivity(25℃) 109






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