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XTL sintyron beryllium oxide beo ceramic round substrate

Beryllium oxide ceramics ceramics have extremely high thermal conductivity, second only to silver and copper, an order of magnitude higher than the widely used alumina ceramics, similar to pure aluminum, superior to various iron alloys, is the highest thermal conductivity of all ceramic materials. At present, the thermal conductivity of beryllium oxide ceramics produced in China is generally above 200W/m·K, and can reach 280W/m·K at present. Beryllium oxide ceramics Ceramics also have a high resistivity and a large breakdown strength, while low high-frequency losses, and low dielectric constant. In addition, the mechanical strength is also very high, with good thermal shock resistance and chemical stability. Due to its excellent performance in thermal, electrical, nuclear and mechanical aspects, beryllium oxide ceramics ceramics can be used as bracket parts and assemblies in the aerospace field, neutron moderators and radiation protection materials in atomic reactors in the nuclear industry, high performance, high power microwave packages and broadband high power electric vacuum devices, and crucible for melting rare and precious metals. For example, uranium and plutonium can also be used as refractory materials for refractory support rods for heating elements, etc., which have excellent applications in various fields.

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Beryllium oxide ceramic substrates, also known as BeO substrates, are widely used in various electronic and thermal management applications due to their excellent thermal conductivity and electrical insulation properties. These substrates are typically manufactured using a high-temperature sintering process.

Beryllium oxide ceramic substrates are composed of high-purity beryllium oxide powder, which is mixed with a binder and then molded into the desired shape. The molded substrates are then subjected to a sintering process at temperatures above 1,200 degrees Celsius, where the binder is burned off and the beryllium oxide particles fuse together, forming a dense and uniform ceramic structure.

The resulting beryllium oxide ceramic substrates have a smooth surface and high dimensional stability. They exhibit excellent thermal conductivity, enabling efficient heat dissipation in electronic devices. Additionally, these substrates possess excellent electrical insulation properties, allowing for the reliable isolation of electrical components.

Due to their unique combination of properties, beryllium oxide ceramic substrates find applications in various industries, including power electronics, aerospace, telecommunications, and high-power LED lighting. They are commonly used as heat spreaders, substrates for high-power devices, and insulating layers in electronic assemblies.

In conclusion, beryllium oxide ceramic substrates offer exceptional thermal conductivity and electrical insulation properties, making them an ideal choice for numerous electronic and thermal management applications.

XTL sintyron high quality metallized beryllium oxide/beo ceramic discs



  • Blood glucose meters for diabetics
  • Gas lasers for DNA and tissue analysis
  • Confocal and wide field florescence microscopy equipment
  • Portable defibrillators
  • Telecom Infrastructure

Product Description

Beryllium oxide (BeO) ceramic materials are in high demand due to their superior performance at high temperatures along with a thermal conductivity second only to diamond among insulating materials.We offer solutions to any component that must provide high thermal conductivity in conjunction with electrical resistivity.  Building on our unique combination of materials forming, firing and fabrication technologies, we are rapidly expanding our product portfolio to provide the next generation of beryllia ceramic materials.BeO Ceramic Materials are ideal in thermal management applications when the following design considerations are critical:

  • The physical size of the device or the enclosure is reduced. 
  • The device is exposed to high ambient temperatures
  • Airflow or liquid cooling is not practical or prohibitively expensive
  • Ideal materials for heat sinks in electronic circuits
  • Ideal crucible material for melting and sintering operations providing superior performance at very high temperatures.

Typical Beryllium Oxide Ceramics Applications


  • Blood glucose meters for diabetics
  • Gas lasers for DNA and tissue analysis
  • Confocal and wide field florescence microscopy equipment
  • Portable defibrillators
  • Telecom Infrastructure
  • Transistors and terminations in wireless system


  • High end laser diodes for commercial systems
  • Industrial laser metal cutting and marking equipment
  • Long range fiber optic transmission

Semiconductor handling equipment

  • End-effectors and arm components
  • Wafer chucks
  • Crucibles for high temperature melting


  • Oil and gas exploration
  • In situ X-ray analysis for down-hole drilling
  • Concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) systems
  • Optoelectronics
  • Transmitters, receivers, modulators and switches
  • Power amplifiers and drivers

Military and Aerospace

  • Radar modules
  • Guidance modules
  • Microwave and millimeter-wave communications modules

Wireless Communications

  • Point-to-point and point-to-multi point radios
  • Satellite communication modules



BeO Ceramic Properties







g/cm 3 


BeO purity



Tensile strength




linear expansion coeff. 


×10 -4 /℃ 


Thermal Conductivity 




Specific Heat


cal/°C gm






Dialectic Constant 

1MHz 20℃ 




10GHz 20℃ 




1MHz 20℃ 

×10 -4 



10GHz 20℃ 

×10 -4 










Dialectic Strength




Chemical stability


ug/cm 2 



10% NaOH 

ug/cm 2 


Max. working Temperature




 Available in a variety of Thicknesses

 2.062" square

2.25" square

2.9" x 2.3"

3.7" square

 4.5" square


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