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XTL sintyron bone ash gold analysis cupel

Bone ash cupels are carefully selected for their uniform porosity and resistance to high temperatures. They are an important part of the assaying process, ensuring accurate results and the highest possible purity of precious metals.

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XTL sintyron bone ash gold analysis cupel

Bone ash cupels are small, shallow, porous containers used in the process of assaying precious metals.

Made from a mixture of bone ash, clay, and other binders, these cupels are designed to absorb lead oxide

and other impurities when precious metals are heated in them.

The bone ash cupel is an essential tool in the fire assay process, which is used to determine the purity of

gold, silver, and other precious metals. When a sample of metal is placed in a cupel and heated to high

temperatures, the lead oxide and other impurities oxidize and are absorbed by the cupel, leaving behind

a button of pure metal.

Product Description


 1.Made of Magnesite or Bone .

    2.Used for smelting and assaying .

    3.High thermal shock resistance .


    Magnesia: ≥95%

    Silica, Silicon dioxide: 0-5%

    Property: High refractoriness(1100 centigrade degrees),rapid absorption(70%),and recovery                   

    rate of 97%-98.5%,easy to use, without milling .



Specifications with cupels

1.Material:Magnesian and cement

2.For the analysis of non-ferrous and precious metals.

3.We are manufacturers of fire assay crucibles and magnesite and ash bone cupels. 4.We produce

several capacity crucibles and cupels and only use selected vrgin materials for production.

5.We have special packing for export and very competitive prices. 6.Our crucibles are high standard,

for repetitive assays and free of gold.



Top OD




Bottom OD


Top ID


Inner Depth





XTL-6A 40 26 30 30-32 12-13 50-55 200
XTL-7A 40 30 30 30-32 11-15 58-60 200
XTL-8A 43-45 31-35 35-39 32-35 12-13 80-86 200
XTL-9A 50-52 31-35 39-43 39-41 11-15 120-123    120    


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Company Information

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Why us?
* Professional manufacturer since 1997.
* Strict quality control on production process and tolerance.
* Free samples available
* Customized production based on your drawing or specification
* On-time delivery and reliable support and service
* Inventory available for quick shipment
* We keep confidentiality of all the drawings and business information between us.
Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
* We are a manufaturer. 
Can you provide the free samples?
* Yes,we can offer free sample if we have it in stock,but the courier fee is to be collected.
Do you accept customized production based our specification?
* Yes,we offer OEM and ODM service. Just send us your drawing if you have it. If you don’t have a

drawing, just tell us your idea, we will work out the drawing for you.

What's the delivery time?
* 7 working days for standard products 30 days for customized products. 
What is the MOQ?
* No limit to the quantity. We can offer the best proposal and solutions according to your condition.
What is the payment terms you accept?
* T/T,LC,Western Union,moneygram are acceptable.
How to deal with the faulty?
* Firstly, Our product are produced in strict quality control system and the defective rate will be less than 2%.
If there are problems with the product, we will provide free replacement.


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